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About Philips Dynalite

Philips Dynalite – The best solution for integrated lighting control and building automation solutions. It has taken lighting and automation systems to the next levels.

Philips Dynalite provides energy-efficient and reliable lighting control solutions for offices, residences, retails, hospitality, stadiums, industry, public places and more.

Philips Dynalite remains the world leader in lighting management systems by significant investment in R&D. And our expert and proficient team works together to provide you the best service. .

Call on Selz Business House for Philips Dynalite, whatever your lighting needs may be.

With the commitment of delivering innovative and reliable energy management, building automation and architectural lighting solutions, Philips Dynalite has been leading the industry for over 25 years.

SBH provides you a wide range of hardware products in Philips Dynalite. Philips Dynalite offers local and regional support services.

Philips Dynalite assures on time delivery of your products and services.

The Perfect and Intelligent Selection:

By selecting Philips Dynalite from SBH, you choose the world’s best lighting control system. Our products are tried and tested in more than 30,000 projects. Our technology can be used in any application, on any scale. Some of the largest and most extensive control networks have been implement by Philips Dynalite worldwide.

Benefits of the Dynalite System

Philips Dynalite – Fully integrated lighting control and building automation solutions:

Save Energy with our intelligent lighting systems. You use lighting only when needed with this. You get optimized environmental performance and minimized operating and maintenance costs.

Simple and easy installation & configuration- It’s easy to install the Dynalite system and also it takes much lesser time for configuration.

Preset Lighting Control- Offers you beyond just On/off lighting systems. It lets you create the ambience and different lighting scenes as per your mood or the occasion.

Variation in designs- Envision software allows changes by a simple reprogramming of the system, in case control methods need any modifications.

Integration into other systems- DyNet system can be configured to work in integration with other systems such as temperature control, blind audio- visuals.